Evisu Jeans – back on the rise


In the 90s to early naughties, Evisu was one of the most sort after denim brands on the market. Founded by Hidehiko Yamane in 1991 in Osaka, Japan, Evisu Genes (aka Ebisu and Evis) was one of the most well-known traditional Japanese (raw) denim producers. Yamane was trained as a tailor and was “discovered” by […]

Sons of Anarchy Clothes


Remember the brand Deth Killers? There’s talk now that the new Sons of Anarchy brand is picking up the mantle left by Deth Killers, worn by the likes of David Bowie. Most have taken a butchers at the TV show. Now here’s a preview of the new sons of Anarchy clothing collection, including: Sons of […]

Milano Grunge


Since Kitmeout coined the phrase “Milano Grunge” in 2006, http://www.kitmeout.com/2006/03/sir-bod-geldof-fashion-is-it-milano-grunge/, labeling the legendary Bob Geldorf as the archetype, the phrase has grown in popularity and has inspired and artistic following like the works by Federica Corbelli and Franzli.

Fashion personas a dated phenomenon?


Are fashion personas a dated phenomenon, Girogio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto and so on… ? Has society move beyond worshipping the cult of the personality and up to a more profound level where style is held in higher regard than the hype generated around a single personality. Maybe the question […]

Stone Island 30 Clothing video tour


An amazing walkthrough over the 2.000 square metre of STONE ISLAND 30, the brand 30th anniversary exhibition, held in June 2012 at Stazione Leopolda in Florence. The exhibition has been thoroughly filmed and photographed to turn it from physical to digital experience, with the intent of render timeless a temporary event. The first Stone Island […]

Men’s Vegan Shoes by NOHARM


Vegan shoes as good as anything leather can offer. NOHARM offers vegan’s an ethical alternative to the top leather footwear brands. Take a butchers (irony perhaps) at these quality vegan brogues in an Oxford style. Courtesy of Kevin Tong.

David Beckham’s New Campaign for H&M


Here Becks is sporting his bodywear line for H&M. The campaign is directed by Mr Guy Madonna Ritchie. The film debuts February 6, 2013.

Louis Vuitton Opens New Store in Switzerland


Louis Vuitton have opened an all new “Winter Resort” Store in Promenade, Gstaad. The popular winter destination seems an appropriate choice given the fact that 2012 marked the historic site’s 700th anniversary of providing ample and valuable real estate for those looking for a little bit of adventure. The store is a subtle mixture of […]

RMC Martin Ksohoh Jacket


Here Martin Ksohoh models a jacket from his RMC Japan collection.

NOHARM Toe Cap Oxfords – Ethical Footwear


Part of the new NOHARM 2013 Collection includes a classic toe cap style. Uncompromisingly stylish and uncompromisingly ethical – NOHARM ehtical shoes.

Versace SS 2013 Campaign – Kate Moss


Kate Moss in Versace’s Spring Summer 2013 ad campaign shot by Mert and Marcus.

Vegan Shoes made in Italy by NOHARM


Looking for men’s shoes with Italian style but with a strong ethical edge? Look no further than contemporary brand, NOHARM. All NOHARM footwear is made in Italy to the exacting standards of top Italian brands like Gucci and Prada but also to stringent ethical and environmental standards. Here we see a preview of the new […]

Stone Island Jacket – 30th Anniversary Special


30/30 JACKET 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL 5715 4TTY2 The 30/30 jacket is a cross section of the state of the art of Stone lsland. A testament to three decades of exploration and development. Two pieces in one, the jacket shell and jacket liner, both reversible, which assume different features in 30 ways of use. They can […]

London Fashion Week 2013


Take a butchers at RMC Martin Ksohoh at London Fashion Week in 2013. Innovative denim on display!



Denim jacket is 6 piece zipped together and worn however one likes to wear. unzip the sleeves and wear it as sleeveless etc. Can unzip into pieces as shown on the right image. THE NEW RMC MKWS SPECIAL COLLECTION (“DENIM MONSTER”) HAS JACKET & JEAN , TOTAL 12 PCS SET ONLY ,THE COMBINATION DESIGN DENIM […]

Stone Island – London Event


Worth a butchers! Here are the pictures of the STONE ISLAND ARCHIVIO ’982–’012 event, that has been held yesterday at the London Store in Brewer Street.

RMC Jeans – Martin Ksohoh in London


Martin Ksohoh, the mastermind behind RMC Jeans, is seen here at King’s Cross in London. Rumour has it he was on a whirlwind visit to meet with other fashion dignitaries. Keep your eyes peeled for some “knock your sox off” colabs! Well worth a butchers.

George Michael x Twizy by Christophe Guillarmé


Concert “Symphonica” GEORGE MICHAEL & Gala Dinner at OPERA GARNIER PARIS Auction of TWIZY BY CHRISTOPHE Guillarme to benefit SIDACTION This Sunday, September 9, 2012, George Michael performs at the Opera Palais Garnier. He will give a unique concert followed by a gala dinner to benefit Sidaction association chaired by Pierre Bergé and Line Renaud. […]

Armani Jeans Mens Top – Pick of the Week


Take a butchers at this Armani Jeans Mens Top – Our Pick of the Week – BUY HERE Eco-friendly Armani Jeans mens, hemp and cotton mix, crew neck, long sleeve regular fit top. Deep crew neck with embroidered trim. Embroidered around neckline front and back. Stitched AJ logo on sleeve. Unfinished frayed exposed over locked […]

MELTIN’POT Jeans A/W 2013


“Where Life Takes You”, is the theme for the new Meltin’Pot AW ’13 campaign. It’s a celebration of life, a walk on the wild side, taking its inspiration from the brand’s deepest roots! The four main characters meet by chance in an old, bohemian, abandoned site which is inhabited by unusual items from past eras, […]

Stone Island Clothing Autumn Winter 2012

Take a butchers at the Stone Island Shadow Project Autumn Winter 2012 video. Stone Island delivery quality to their core customer base consistently.

Sugar Cane Scarf A/W 2013


Sugar Cane, the original eco-friendly brand from Japan introduces a selection of autumn/winter scarves in 2013. Sugar Cane mens blue palaka, vintage cut slightly over sized stole with leather stole ring. One wash, slightly creased finish. Unfinished hems with oven baked creases. Rolled unfinished seam on one side, other side turned back and single stitched. […]

David Beckham togged in H&M underwear


David Beckham keeps his fashball reputation alive as part of the H&M new campaign. Becks had the shots taken in in Los Angeles by photographer Alasdair McLellan.

Jeans washed in natural salt


Wash jeans in natural salt? Why we wash new jeans using natural Salt in Japan. Washing your new jeans in natural salt helps to set their dye, preventing them from fading. In the past, using salt to keep the colour on your blue jeans was necessary because of a lack of quality laundry products for […]

David Beckham, the original FASHBALL Player


David Beckham, Football’s Fashion King, fronts Esquire’s September edition. Photography by Josh Olins, the look follows the tried and tested “moody motion”. David Beckham is the archetype for Football and Fashion synergy, or as abbreviated here at Kitmeout the original FASHBALL Player!

Ray-Ban and Vice present the Black Lips


Tongue in cheek and all that. Ray-Ban and Vice present the Black Lips’ official music video for ‘Noc-A-Homa’. Director: Sandy Kim Director of Photography: Alex Bergman Producer: Claire MacDonald Associate Producers: Paul Sherman Jr and Tyler Morris Assistant Camera: Matt Klammer Talent: Randy Cohlmia Editor: Danilo Parra Colorist: Dave Gutt

Valentino a brand revitalised?


The Valentino Fashion Group (VFG) has been acquired by Mayhoola for Investments, an investment vehicle backed by a group of private investors from Qatar, for a reputed 700 million euros (853 million dollars). The amount has not been confirmed, Women’s Wear Daily reports. It is believed that the royal family of Qatar manages Mayhoola. With […]

Versace Jeans A/W 2013


Versace Jeans Autumn/Winter 2013 Campaign Gianni Versace became world famous as an innovative fashion designer. Gianni Versace was essentially the architect of modern fashion’s place in popular culture. He redefined what a fashion house was by combining fashion with rock&roll, art, celebrity, theatre and ballet. The Versace Group has its own branded luxury stores worldwide. […]

Kitmeout in RMC, says Romeo from so solid crew…


Here Romeo from so solid crew meets up with DJ Lil Charlie at NIRO in Peterborough. NIRO is the European HQ for RMC, Yoropiko, Sugar Cane and a listed of other top notch brands and is a regular meet for celebs. Romeo first found fame in the garage group So Solid Crew, having grown up […]

Stone Island Jacket and Clothing Exhibit


Is 30 years something to shout about for a fashion brand OR is it something to fear? Is fashion corroded with age or…? Time will tell. Anyway, definitely worth a butchers this. Stone Island with Fondazione Pitti Discovery presents: STONE ISLAND 30 an exhibition of thirty years of history, research and experimentation under the patronage […]