Aquascutum Clothing + Aquascutum Shirt = S/S 2007

“Launched four seasons ago, the Aquascutum Collection continues its modernist revision of the company’s 155 year-old heritage. Building on its reputation for exquisitely constructed clothes for both men and women coupled with a rigorous attention to detail, Spring/Summer 2007 sees heads of design, Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler, embrace a new mood of simplicity. “We […]

Supreme Clothing + Timberland Boot

“Timberland, the New Hampshire-based outdoor company, was founded in Boston in 1973. Timberland struck its claim in the footwear industry by introducing the technology of injection-molding and by creating one the first rugged waterproof boots with a sole seamlessly fused to its upper. Embraced by the inner-city youth of the late 1980?s, Timberland became an […]

Ed Hardy Cap + Ed Hardy Apparel = Star Appeal!

Ed Hardy apparel appears to attract praise and ridicule in equal measure. Ed Hardy has a simple concept which has seen the brand emerge as a contemporary fashion phenomenon. Part of brand building is getting “celebrities” to wear your gear and the machine behind Ed Hardy has no trouble in that regard, with mega-celebrities including David Beckham […]

APC Raw Denim – new collection!

The APC Raw Denim new collection for guys, girls and “unisex” hits the web. APC are arguably the ultimate middle-of-the-road raw denim specialists and their collection of ultra tight raw denim is sure to get APC fans foaming.

Sugar Cane jeans in FRONT!

Sugar Cane jeans appear in the uncompromising FRONT magazine. FRONT highlight Sugar Cane as the denim brand of rich and famous guys who like a swig or two. Although Sugar Cane jeans are becoming more and more popular we shouldn’t forget their vintage and ethical roots established in true Japanese culture. BUY HERE

Jimmy Choo Shoes, Tamara at helm for 10 years

So ten years have passed since Tamara Mellon took control of the Jimmy Choo brand. Jimmy Choo, was the driving force behind the brand for many years and made his name designing shoes for people like Lady Di before passing the brand onto Tamara Mellon. “To celebrate 10 years of creating glamorous shoes and accessories, […]

JK for HUGO = Hugo Boss & Jamiroquai

Ultimate uber-brand Hugo Boss hits the high notes with pop legend “Cat in the Hat” Jay Kay. The classy collection smells of true quality and is destined to be a major hit with fashionistas across the globe. JK for HUGO “Together with HUGO Creative Director Volker Kaechele, Jay Kay – the front man of the […]

Burberry Scarf + Burberry Apparel = Booming!

According to figures recently released by Burberry, the brand is booming BIG TIME! Sales figures are the highest they have been in the history of brand with Burberry accessories are selling out before they even make it to the shop floor! It seems Burberry’s concerted effort to rid itself of the “chav-brand” stigma is proving […]

Stussy T-Shirt + Stussy Jacket = Limited Edition!

The legendary Stussy continues to rock the world with its innovative and exciting Limited Edition range. Stussy always picks the perfect collaboration whether it’s with Goodfoot, Baracuta or another exclusive partner.

Joes Jeans + Basic Fits

The Socialite [n: classic fit] Straight across the hip and crisper in the flair, this fit gives the illusion of a long, sexy silhouette. Whether you’re attending the latest art opening, or hosting a cocktail party, you’ll fuse sophisticated glamour with red hot fashion. The Honey [n: boty fit] Curvy voluptuous and sexy are just […]

Guess Jeans + Claudia Schiffer = Guess?

GUESS? is perhaps best remember as the brand that made Claudia Schiffer, or some argue it was vice-versa. Today Guess? denim retains its stature despite being a firm mainstream favourite. The spring/summer 2007 collection takes a virtual road trip across Argentina with inspiration from the 40′s . The era of actress Maria Felix is represented […]

Matix Apparel + Matix Jeans = Action wear

Matix was launched in 1998. The owners, Tim Gavin and the Dunlap family, felt the timing was right to start a clothing line. With help of a talent, qualified design and production team, Matix was born. Matix, a brand that is influenced by the active lifestyles of skate, surf, and snowboard, is steadily growing into […]

Hugo Boss Clothing + Boho Chic?

The Hugo Boss Autumn/Winter 2006 Collection has something of a boho-chic feel to it. Hugo Boss is widely renowned as a brand of the wealthy and successful but this collection indicates the brand’s intent to widen its appeal. Hugo Boss may historically be an elitest brand but even the elite like to dress down and […]

Designer Jeans + Top 30

Yahoo! Buzz names the top 30 jeans on the web. Seven Jeans comes in at number 1, True Religion Jeans comes in at number 2 and Red Monkey Jeans comes in at number 3. Red Monkey Jeans, or to be more precise, RMC Jeans by Martin Ksohoh is a true fashion phenomenon. No one has […]

Nudie Jeans + Nudie Even Steven Jeans

Nudie Jeans, the viking denim kings, present a new style for nudie addicts to drool over. Nudie Even Steven Jeans are a regular fit with a low yoke and pocket position and, of course, have a slim bottom width. The style is 100% Nudie and won’t disappoint connoisseurs.

Versace Jeans Couture and Versace Sport

Versace Jeans Couture and Versace Sport Autumn/Winter 2006 Collection retains the clean and sophisticated lines we’ve all come to expect from Versace. Of course, the brand wouldn’t be Versace if it didn’t include a subtle twist and this season’s collection is no exception. If you’re looking for class with attitude then Versace Jeans Couture and […]

Fornarina Apparel + LTD Fornarina = LTD ODD!

The exploration of new territories, distinctive element of Fornari Group’s DNA, have led the company to take up a new adventure in the fashion world. Fornarina’s workshop launches the first LTD collection. It is a line of apparel and shoes with a soft style inspired to the new glamour: sophisticated and peculiar. The collection is […]

April77 Clothing + Gibson jeans = 500 copies only!

First step in a succession of paid homages from label April77 to those who make or have made Rock ’n’ Roll. Starting from December 2006, 500 unique and numbered copies of slim griffé Gibson jeans will be sold in 3 prestigious sales points: colette (Paris), Dover Street Market (London) and Loveless (Tokyo). A part of […]

KU USA Clothing + Ku Jeans = First Japanese Brand!

If rumours are to be believed the mighty KU USA will be leaving Japanese shores and entering the European market early next year. KU USA is widely considered the first and foremost Japanese Brand and remains today an inspiration for virtually all world- renowned Japanese designers. KU USA blends innovative denims with mindful materials which […]

Dolce & Gabbana Clothing – D&G A/W 2006

Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2006 is, as usual, totally uncompromising. Dolce & Gabbana continually manage to achieve the impossible by retaining their sublime style and classic couture whilst simultaneously presenting a “chic street” edge. Dolce & Gabbana are no less than fashion geniuses which is again reflected in their A/W 2006 Collection.

Paul Smith Coats & Jackets, Autumn/Winter 2006

Paul Smith Autumn/Winter 2006 radiates traditional classic style with the inimitable Paul Smith twist. Bold checks, stripes and solids, classically matched with cords, knits and wool. The whole feel is contemporary urban classic – no one does it like Sir Paul Smith!

Paul & Shark Jacket + P&S Parka = Ultra-accessorized!

Paul & Shark Jacket Parka with goose down padding, wind and waterproof exterior, fleece lined collar and detachable fur lined hood (no reference to whether this is real or fake – for the brand’s sake let’s hope it’s fake!). Ultra-accessorized, the parka comes with a large rucjsack featuring outside pockets, hooks and a folding tent […]

RAW 7 Clothing + RAW 7 T-Shirt = Wearable Art

Cutting edge and bold, RAW 7’s couture designs have revamped cashmere’s image from traditional to avant-garde and street-chic. Founded in 2003, RAW 7 was inspired by a love of urban art. The collection features vintage and pop art designs, “rock icons” and well-known university emblems, all remixed and reinterpreted to reflect RAW 7’s unique edginess. […]

Adidas Trainers + Adidas Apparel = Parisian Explosion

This week Adidas opened the world’s biggest Adidas Sports Performance store on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris . In attendance were some of the world’s greatest athletes, including soccer player Zinedine Zidane and tennis star Justine Henin-Hardenne. “The Champs-Elysées has a very special meaning for us,” said Roland Auschel, senior vice president of Europe, […]

Comme des Garcons Clothing – intense-fashion-collaborations

Comme des Garcons is widely consider at the vanguard of the new world of intense-fashion-collaborations. Although the brand has a strong collaborative tradition it would be a tradegy to deny Comme des Garcons’ incredible contribution to fashion within its own right. Fashion Designer Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garcons, was born in Tokyo in […]

Bapesta Sneakers mutate into Roadsta Sneakers

So Bapesta Sneakers finally takes the plunge and ventures from the cozie world of the AF1s and embraces a new concept predictably called, Roadsta. Roadsta sneakers have a more athletic feel to the design and will be available to Bapeheads in early 2007. Whether the gel heel is for practical purposes or show is yet […]

Heatherette Clothing + Heatherette Top = Everyday Popstars

Put your finger on a map of downtown New York City and you can feel the pulse of Heatherette. Richie Rich and Traver Rains have created a lifestyle brand that truly cultivates the popstar in everyone. Glitter, sequins, and dreams have driven Heatherette every step of the way, transforming them from the quintessential downtown buzz […]

Burberry Clothing & Accessories – A not so British Brand?

All appears rosie in Burberry’s checked garden, with sales figures the highest they have ever been in the brand’s history and accessories selling out before they even make it to the shop floor. That said, Welsh factory workers are not amongst those sharing the wealth. Workers at a threatened Burberry factory in south Wales on […]

45rpm jeans + 45rpm Clothing = vintage evolution

45rpm, the famous Japanese denim brand, has evolved into something of a phenomenon with a loyal cult following. Product diversification includes everything from sweaters to tees and even an honest little moleskin jacket number: “The moleskin material is used for navy’s jacket. This material is known for a smooth texture created by intense weaving with […]

Y3 Jeans + Yohji Yamamoto Clothes = Noir Denim!

In 1981 Yohji Yamamoto presented his first Yohji Yamamoto collection in Paris and in 1984 he presented his first Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme collection . Yohji Yamamoto designed a collection for women based on men’s garments, cut in uncluttered shapes, washed fabrics and dark colors.These clothes expressed a functional elegance that Yohji Yamamoto would reaffirm, […]