Nike Air Force 1? The template for Bapesta originality!

So Bapesta, the urban fashion brand famed for street style and originality actually bases it’s whole design concept of Nike Air Force 1 ?? True or false ??

1921 Denim + Japanese Denim = Ring Spun Jeans

1921 produced in Winnipeg, Canada by Western Glove Works. Steeped in denim heritage the company has been manufacturing denim since 1921, when the Silver family started the company to produce denim work wear. Western Glove Works is one of the few remaining denim manufacturers that houses its own sewing, laundry and sandblasting facilities. The innovators […]

Nike Trainers + APC Clothing = Classic Collaboration!

A collaboration between ultra trendy brand APC and sportswear giant Nike is attracting nods of approval across the fashion world. These classic, almost retro, trainers include some tasty little touches that tend to drive fashionistas wild with excitiement. Clock the guitar and tennis racket indent.

Pepe Jeans + Sienna Miller + Michaelangelo Antonionis

PEPE JEANS LONDON – AUTUMN WINTER 06: “British actress Sienna Miller – Advertising Campaign 2, Autumn Winter 06. A striking series of black and white images by photographer Mikael Jansson reflect the initial concept of the ad campaign – Michaelangelo Antonionis 1966 movie ´Blow Up´. One of the films most memorable scenes is the suspenseful, […]

Baracuta G9 Harrington jacket + Stussy Jacket = Hit of the Season?

Stussy’s latest collaboration is with Baracuta G9, the ultimate and original Harrington jacket worn by mega-idols like Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. The G9 Jacket is destined to make a major comeback and could be one of the big hits of the season.

Deneer Jeans or [deener] jeans, scientific style!

Deneer, or to be precise [deener], is a premium denim brand designed and created by Ya-el Torbati who was the co-founder on Yanuk Denim. Deener is the denim lover’s denim brand with a serious approach to making you feel sexy yet comfortable in your jeans. The inspiration for the [deener] collection rangess from a nerdy […]

Marc Jacobs Apparel + Marc Jacobs Nude = Save the Skin!

“We don’t put ourselves in the sex-symbol category”, insists Robert Duffy, longer-term partner of Marc Jacobs. That’s Robert’s opinion, now you decide. A giant nude photograph of Duffy and Marc Jacobs with full packages on display adorns a 6 foot print shot by Brian Bowen Smith. Joining the pair are Julianna Moore, Brandon Boyd, Selma […]

Samurai Jeans + Japanese Denim = Denim History

Samurai Jeans are a proud Japanese denim brand with a strong history. The brand uses the leather patch on each jean to tell story. Samurai jeans shares the following view concerning the leather patch: The leather jeans patch was originally attached in order to polish the knife of working woodsman and trappers throughout the West. […]

Claude Maus Jeans + Skinny Jeans = Dark Denim!

Like sophisticated Cheap Mondays, Claude Maus designer Rob Mianiscalco is compelled to incorporate the macabre into his work. Rob Mianiscalco’s gothic and medieval influences are evident throughout the collection. Claude Maus jeans are no exception accentuating tight and dark silhouettes. If you’re a skinny jeans fan these are well worth a gander.

Invisible Inc Jeans + Japanese Red Selvedge denim

An exciting British based, British designed Premium denim label.  Pieces in the collection include Japanese Red Selvedge denim, organic cotton T-shirts and Scottish Cashmere sweaters. You will know Invisible Inc from its distinctive logo, which is the signature of the designer Punky (translated from Sanskrit to English his name Pankaj means Lotus Flower). Invisible Inc […]

Y3 Sneakers + Adidas Trainers = Yohji Yamamoto Harmony

Herzogenaurach, Germany- Sporting goods manufacturer Adidas announced Wednesday that it was extending its collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto until 2010. Yamamoto developed the sport and fashion brand Y-3 for Adidas in 2002. Since then it has grown to a chain of 500 outlets worldwide, with new shops planned in Europe, the United States […]

Radcliffe Jeans + Skinny Jeans = adjustable length

Radcliffe jeans are causing something of a stir amongst the fair sex. Each pair of Radcliffe jeans has a myriad of minute, exquisite details to be appreciated by the wearer – including fortune cookie messages embroidered on the inside waistband with words of urban wisdom. In terms of finishing, every ‘niggle’ a woman has with […]

Chip & Pepper + Radcliffe Jeans = Barneys London?

Barneys New York is coming to London! New York’s uppercut designer outlet is set to compete with the Likes of Browns, Selfridges and Harvey Nicholls. The store is destined to be located in the new White City shopping centre and is bound to be a hot destination for fashionistas. Barneys New York offers top brands […]

Marc Jacobs Jeans + Marc Jacobs Selvedge Denim

Marc Jacobs is undeniably one of the world’s top “true” fashion designers! The man now offers a collection of selvedge denim jeans which are destined to compete with the Japanese giants. Produced solely in Japan, selvedge denim is made on old style shuttle looms which haven’t been made for 40 years. These antique looms make […]

Billionaire Boys Club Shirt + BBC Jeans + Pillows!

The Pharrell Williams Billionaire Boys Club Collection continues to expand and the brand’s starting to become more accessible as the range increases and the initial hysteria starts to subside. The BBC Flamingo and Pineapple Short Sleeve Shirt features this Flamingo and Pineapple “all over ” print and is 100% cotton and retails for US$220. The […]

Fred Perry Polo Shirt + Paul Weller Shirts

Fred Perry and Paul Weller Limited Edition Polo Shirt. The Paul Weller Limited Edition Tartan Green/Ice/Maroon Fred Perry Polo Shirt is now sold out. Over 10,000 fans pre-registered for the limited 1,000 Polo Shirts available. Fred Perry and Paul Weller have agreed to produce further Limited Edition products to satisfy demand.

Proportionofblu Jeans + Japanese Denim + AG Jeans

“Thanks to the Dan Brown bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, most everyone on the planet is now familiar with formerly recondite concepts like the Golden Ratio – a mathematical relationship between three lines, where the longest line is 1.618 times longer than the length of the penultimate length line, which, in turn, is 1.618 times […]

Darren Bent wearing Red Monkey Jeans by Martin Yat Ming

England star striker, Darren Bent, is seen here wearing an authentic pair of Red Monkey Jeans. Red Monkey jeans are the creation of Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh founder of the Red Monkey Company. Red Monkey jeans are renowned for their amazing quality and mind-blowing detail. Just seeing a pair of Red Monkey jeans […]

Victoria Beckham aka HRH of Rock & Republic

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, aka HRH of Rock & Republic, is to star in a new fashion reality show. “It will be more serious than a reality show, but will still be very entertaining because Victoria is so funny,” said former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, who negotiated Victoria’s deal, according to The Sun. […]

Burberry Apparel + Burberry Trench Coat = 150 Years

Burberry was founded in 1856 and this year celebrates its 150th anniversary. This year’s campaign, created in Burberry’s now signature black-and-white, has an extensive British cast spanning the generations. Burberry Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, celebrates the brand’s roots in the autumn/winter collections through exploration of the richness of Burberry cultural history, heritage and rich portfolio […]

J&Company Jeans + J&Company Apparel = Figure Flattering

J&Company has quickly emerged into the marketplace looking to take the denim industry to a new level. The superb quality and exceptional styling of J&Company jeans is evident with its carefully thought out innovations, special effects and figure flattering cuts that are the foundation for this denim based collection for men and women. The collection […]

John Varvatos Clothing + Iggy Pop = Stardust

John Varvatos chooses the legendary Iggy Pop for his new advertising campaign. David Bowie’s eccentric partner from the Stardust era, is glamed-up in a pin-striped suit in the ads for Varvatos’ autumn/winter collection. Says Varvatos, “It started to rain, and instead of ducking for cover, Iggy jumped up on a park bench and started dancing […]

Stussy Tee + Stussy T-Shirts & some retro feelings!

Stussy is one of those rare fashion brands that actually makes people feel nostalgic; the retro feelings transport you back to good times when streetwear actually meant streetwear and not big business trying to be streetwear. Stussy is best known for it’s revolutionary Tees but has since grown into one of the leading street brands […]

Siwy Jeans + Siwy Apparel = Sexy Style!

Siwy is a label that was launched in the Spring of 2005 in downtown NYC. The concept behind the line is merging the traditional ideas of classic American denim with the styling of familiar shapes. With this idea in mind, we push slightly further to create a carefully crafted and sculpted silhouette. The combination of […]

Supreme Clothing + Supreme T-Shirt = Tokyo, Japan

Supreme, the underground uber brand, expands its empire! Supreme’s new store opens in Harajuku, Japan on September 16th, 2006 and is based at: 4-32-7-2F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Jhung Yuro Sneakers + Designer Sneakers!

Quick sneak preview of the 2006 Autumn Jhung Yuro Collection. Nothing compares to Jhung Yuro Designer Sneakers!

Bounty Hunter Clothing + Bounty Hunter T-Shirt

Check out the Bounty Hunter “Brixton” T-Shirt. BRIXTON [igirisujiyamaikan] immigration town – BACK IN THE DAYS 1969. Anyone who knows London will know hitting Brixton with Hype & Burn is a real winning Jackie Chan — definitely worth a butchers this one!

Bape Hoody + Bape Shark Hoodie = Bapexclusive

Bape boys throughout Japan, if not the world, where ejaculating with excitement as A Bathing Ape released the OG shark Hoodie to the masses. The queue at Bapexlusive in Aoyoma, Tokyo apparent reached as far as the eye could see. Bape is truly a modern-day fashion phenomenon!

Artful Dodger Apparel + Artful Dodger Jeans = Ruck!

Artful Dodger Fall 06, story straight from the Bulldog’s gob! 19th century England. Two gangs roam the London Metropolis, the “Cutter lads” and the “Swell Mob”. They are the 2 most reputed gangs that ever existed in old England and tonight is the night they are getting ready for the biggest dust up of all. […]

Greedy Genius Sneakers worn by Sean Paul

If you tuned in last night to see the Teen Choice Awards on Fox, you would have seen some of the biggest celebs. Music stars, movie stars, TV stars, you name it, they were there. Since the event was not so formal as many other awards shows alot of the celebs dressed up in casual […]

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