Designer Trainers + Jhung Yuro = Ultimate Sneakers!

Launched in 2005 Jhung Yuro recognised a void in the men’s luxury lifestyle footwear market and filled it with a brand that offers detail, hand craftsmanship and limited availability for its products.  All this ensures an exclusivity and quality that will be sought-after and admired. The name Jhung Yuro is the nickname for the creative […]

Lacoste Clothing + Lacoste Trainers = Sports or Fashion?

Lacoste and a number of other high-profile brands fall into the intriguing dilemma of determining how to classify their brand. Phillippe Lacoste offers some insight: “Is it a fashion label or a sports brand? Lacoste insists on a “unique and different positioning”, as Phillippe Lacoste explains. “Over the years, Lacoste invented a certain manner of […]

Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans + Hottest Car!

Papoose is widely considered the brightest rising Hip-Hop Star on the scene today and is famous for injecting Red Monkey Company Jeans into his lyrics. The man is seen here with a trophy for the hottest car of the year! Ultra rare Red Monkey Jeans are a true fashion phenomenon and have a reputation for being the ultimate denim […]

Garbege Clothing hits the Fashion Press!

Garbege clothing is making a major Splash in the fashion press. The edgy designer x uber-urban brand has attracted incredible attention which is no surprise considering the brands style and originaility. Garbege adds graphic based cotton-cashmere blend Sweat Shirts & Hoodies to its arsenal of thought-provoking, incomparable T-Shirts this Fall. The attention to detail the […]

Jhung Yuro Shoes + PRPS Jeans = Perfect Match!

Jhung Yuro, the ultimate luxury lifestyle footwear brand, has collaborated with PRPS to create this limited edition Hiker Low. The Jhung Yuro Hiker Low is a popular style and is available at The Hiker Low utilizes the  premium materials and construction of Jhung Yuro and for this exclusive edition uses denim from PRPS to […]

Swagger Clothing, Hip-Hop Clothing with a Tokyo Twist!

In 1999 Japanese rappers Big-O and Iggy launched Swagger, a clothing line that is both a persuasive interpretation of the Hip-Hop aesthetic and an example of Japanese precision and attention to detail. Swagger has a high-end approach to designing street wear that is deeply rooted in honoring a hip-hop lifestyle with a strong, fresh, new […]

etnies trainers + etnies clothing = pioneering skatewear!

Established in 1986, etnies is the first skateboarder-owned and operated global action sports footwear and apparel company. etnies not only pushed the envelope by creating the first pro model skate shoe, but it pioneered technological advances and changed the face of skateboard footwear forever. Today etnies’ vision is to remain the leading action sports company […]

W-TAPS X Vans Footwear = cool Japanese twist

Skatewear uber-brand, VANS, teams up with Japanese fringe outfit W)TAPS to deliver an exciting range of edgy Vans trads. The style is unmistakable Vans with a cool Japanese twist which is bound to get the “out-there” fashionistas salivating — let’s see that saliva!!

Iron Army Jeans + Iron Army Clothing = Strength!

Iron Army Jeans do it different, read on: ”SEWN WRONG >> All Iron Army jeans feature our “sewn wrong” construction, which means it’s been sewn totally wrong once in a contrast thread, then sewn again properly using conventional methods. The result is a handcrafted jean that is unique yet still has all the fit and strength […]

The Year Of Jeans + The Year Of Clothing = 2006?

Rumour has it that Tony “T-Bone” Magnetic is about to launch an incredible new denim and clothing brand. The Year Of Jeans by T-Bone is rumoured to be an incredible mix of exciting and innovative denim and exclusive casual wear — keep your eyes peeled!

Ed Hardy Clothing going from strength to strength!

Ed Hardy clothing, the original tattoo and fuku apparel and accessories brand has reported a continued surge in sales. The high profile brand, which is adored by celebrities (including David Beckham) and mere mortals alike, depicts designs from the archives of the godfather of modern tattooing Don Ed Hardy. The brand is reputedly looking to […]

BBC Clothing + Billionaire Boys Club = NYC 2007

BBC Clothing to open in New York City according to USA Today: “Williams’ Billionaire Boys Club clothing line and Ice Cream brand sneakers are sold in exclusive shops worldwide. He opened a Billionaire Boys Club boutique in Tokyo last November and plans to open another in New York in 2007.”

Burberry Clothing + Thomas Burberry Coat = A British Great!

Thomas Burberry was a Tailor and Sportsman born in 1835, founding Burberry in 1856 when he opened a clothing shop in Basingstoke, England. Thomas Burberry is a proud member of the Burberry family sharing the same DNA.True Burberry icons have been reinvented with a twist. The trench is garment dyed and rugged with military binding, […]

Sugar Cane Jeans + Sugar Cane Denim, After Care!

PROPER CARE IN LAUNDERING YOUR SUGAR CANE DENIM FOR BEST RESULTS: STEP (1) CARE BEFORE WASHING It is recommended that you soak Sugar Cane Denim in water before wear. The fabric is woven by old type power looms. Due to the low speed in weaving, the surface is rough. The fabric is raw with no […]

Sugar Cane Jeans appoints European Distributor!

Sugar Cane, for many the ultimate denim brand, now has an official European Distributor, Hash Clothing. visit: Sugar Cane Jeans are uniquely Japanese denim made from — you guessed it- sugar cane. For many years, Sugar Cane Jeans were a ferociously guarded Japanese secret but today the brand is attracting global attention. Interestingly, Sugar […]

Paul & Shark Jacket + Paul & Shark 2007 = Reversible bomber

Paul & Shark S/S 2007 New Paul & Shark Double Jacket – Reversible bomber jacket in Typhoon and microfiber. The technical water resistant performance is guaranteed by the Typhoon 20000 treatment (1cm2 waterproof to a 20 m column of water) combined with the elegance and versatility of a very light microfiber for the reversible DOUBLE JACKET with […]

Blue Blood Jeans + Blue Blood Clothing = Concept Store

Dutch denim brand Blue Blood enjoyed the limelight last Saturday with the opening of its first concept store in Amsterdam and a catwalk show later the same day. Anyone who mattered was there to see the show, which took place during the fifth edition of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.. On the catwalk the audience […]

J&Company Jeans – European inspiration with an L.A. flair

With style, attitude, and confidence people everywhere are putting on their J&Company jeans to express themselves. With original styling and a fit for everyone, J&Company has created a contemporary denim based collection for both men and women who understand and appreciate style, comfort and quality. Launched in 2003, J&Company has quickly emerged into the marketplace […]

Macbeth Sneakers + Macbeth Shoes = Tuned-in Footwear!

In 2002, frustrated with the lack of understanding coming from their shoe sponsors, a group of high profile musicians and their equally discouraged friends decided to join forces and create their own means to fulfill their passion for footwear. So with the help of Jon Humphrey, a prior concert promoter and Vice President of Adio […]

Nike Trainers + iPod = Trainers of Destiny?

Nike and Apple® will officially bring together the worlds of sport and music with the retail launch of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit tomorrow. The Nike + iPod Sport Kit is the first product developed through the partnership that was announced by Nike and Apple in New York on May 26, 2006. “This is […]

Fred Perry & Wood Wood fashion collaboration

In the ever increasing world of predictable fashion collaborations it’s refreshing to see something weird and wild from time to time. The Wood Wood and Fred Perry collaboration is a great case in point. The collaboration was unpredictable and the results are rumoured to be weird and wild as you like. In stores on the […]

Paul Smith Shoes + Clothing + Deckchair?

“Paul Smith designs a deckchair for the Royal Parks Foundation. This summer the Royal Parks will feature hundreds of colourful designer deckchairs amongst the more traditional, green candy striped seats. Deckchairs Dreams celebrates the arrival of summer in London through the creative vision of twenty five artists including Paul Smith, Mario Testino and Alexander McQueen […]

Jordache Jeans x Jordache Vintage = Liz Hurley

After winning their manmouth battle with Ralph Lauren to use their “horseman” trademark, Jordache are now looking to resurrect the original Jordache jeans that became a 1970′s fashion icon, Jordache Vintage is a new premium jeanswear line for men and women. Employing the same trademark horse head logo, embroidered back pocket stitching and sexy fit, […]

American Vintage Clothing + Jeans = Franco-Americana

Since its birth in 2005, the French brand American Vintage manufactures in Europe and represents a style inspired by the true American vintage trend. It is a collection of tops for women, with a sand wash jeans image communicating simplicity, novelty, femininity, comfort in a vintage but modern style. The complete line is designed in […]

Dada Clothing + Dada Sneakers = Hip-Hop Highlife!

Since 1995 Dada has risen to become one of the most outstanding urban brands. For the last ten years combining individual designs with classic hip-hop lifestyle has made Dada successful in every perspective. As a leading brand being competitive with high quality, great designs and good prices is Dada´s ultimate priority. Blazing the trail, the […]

Reebok Sneakers + Scarlett Johansson = Scarlett “Hearts” Rbk

Reebok has signed a multi-year partnership with one of Hollywood’s most captivating young actresses, Scarlett Johansson.  The 21 year-old beauty has partnered with the brand to co-create Scarlett “Hearts” Rbk, a fashion-forward, athletic-inspired footwear and apparel signature collection debuting in spring 2007 at high-end department stores and boutiques around the world.  The line will be […]

Jimi Hendrix Clothing & Bags = Collection or Experience?

Music legend, Jimi Hendrix, is to be resurrected in the form of a fashion collection. Some puriest will undoubtedly find this concept nothing short of sacreligious. The face and name of Jimi Hendrix will be splashed across a collection of high-end jackets and handbags. The collection is co-designed by Jimi Hendrix’s sister, Janie Hendrix, who […]

LA Air Line T-Shirts, hand painted & decorated in LA

LA Air Line, the new and highly coveted, urban chic designer brand, is being received with a great deal of respect and enthusiasm by a growing list of fashionistas, street-beat high rollers and fashion critics. The brand produces arguably the finest T-Shirt on the planet, each garment being hand painted and decorated in LA. The collection […]

Japan Rags Jeans and Le Temps des Cerises Jeans

Japan Rags Jeans and Le Temps des Cerises Jeans was founded in 1998 by born and raised denimologists Gil and Lilian Richardiere. Many people consider Japan Rags Jeans and Le Temps des Cerises Jeans some of the best value for money denim available in France. It won’t be long before the brand has a major […]

Neighborhood Jeans x Stussy Jeans = Denim Collaboration

Rumour has is the mighty Stussy is in the process of doing a collaboration with new boys Neighborhood Denim. Stussy recently produced an outstanding denim collaboration with Levis but this denim collaboration is rumoured to be a sick synergy of right and wrong and is destined to attracted suitors the world over. This is one […]