Gola Trainers & Gola Sneakers Kiss & Key

Gola, the classic British trainer with an illustrious football heritage, is touted to make something of an imminent comeback. Time will tell. “Gola, the original British sports brand has launched a collection of colourful trainers. Create your own individual style with a variety of exciting colour options designed to complement your fashion wardrobe. ‘Kiss’ & […]

Airwalk Sneakers & Airwalk Shoes Walk on Water!

“Team Airwalk’s Pro-Surfer Josh Mohr will compete in the 42nd Annual Easter Festival April 13-16 in Cocoa Beach, FL. Josh will be exhibiting his style and quality of surfing in front of huge crowds of spectators. Josh, show the East Coast how it’s done! The Evolution of Boardsport Culture – Airwalk’s Fall 2006 Brand Campaign-Collective […]

Billionaire Boys Club clothing, BBC remains under the radar

So when’s the greatly anticipated Billionaire Boys Club clothing range going to finally hit the high street in meaningful quantities. There’s been so much hype-and-burn surrounding Billionaire Boys Club for so long, fans are now starting to suffer from fatigue. Billionaire Boys Club has all the credentials to be an amazing success with Nigo, Mr […]

Acne Jeans – genuinely spotless denim by Acne!

Acne Jeans is a brand at the vanguard of the Viking fashion revolution. Acne Jeans has Pan-European respect for their uncompromising approach to innovation and individuality: “Acne Jeans unites innovative jeans styles with a versatile wardrobe for men and women, ranging from basic cotton T-shirts, to tailored jackets to luxurious accessories and shoes. While every […]

Denimbirds Jeans + Denimbirds Style = Nudie for women?

Denimbirds, the ladieswear brand from Sweden, is making the same Viking splash as their male counterpart, Nudie Jeans. The Denimbirds philosophy is to empower women with a sense of independence and self-love. A laudable philosophy for sure! “The Denimbirds collection doesn’t follow any specific trends, nor has it anything to do with fashion or effects. […]

Pepe Jeans announce British actress Sienna Miller…

Pepe Jeans London is pleased to officially announce British actress Sienna Miller as the face of the brand for the next two years. “We wanted a strong, positive, female British figure to head the advertising campaign as the brand enters its thirty third year and strongly believe that the choice of Sienna Miller was the […]

Lee Cooper Jeans goes premium: Lee Cooper Platinum Jeans

British Denim giant Lee Cooper launches the debut collection from its first ever premium range: Platinum. Drawing on all the experience and heritage of the oldest denim brand in Europe, Lee Cooper Platinum showcases a high fashion men’s and ladies’ capsule collection focusing heavily on washes, fits and materials appealing to younger consumers of directional […]

BIG STAR Jeans – From Taxi Driver to BIG STAR

From Taxi Driver to BIG STAR Spirit, creativity and an unbeatable idea – that’s what real big stars are made of. Case in point: the Faeh brothers, founders of the BIG STAR brand and stars of a classic rags-to-riches story. Flashback to Basle, 1971, where we find them struggling as part-time taxi drivers. A stroke […]

Prada Shoes has a rival. Introducing DiSanto Shoes.

For years Prada Shoes where considered by many as the unrivalled elitist off-the-self footwear. Today, however, Prada Shoes has a serious rival – introducing DiSanto Shoes. DiSanto shoes are made in the same Montegranero region in Italy as Prada and have quietly established themselves as the luxury shoe brand of the rich and famous. DiSanto shoes […]

Lacoste Shoes + Lacoste Trainers = Grand Slam!

Style, Comfort and Kudos, that’s what you get when you buy a pair of Lacoste Trainers. The Lacoste footwear collection has increased exponentially over the past few seasons. The three current footwear lines include: Club, Sportswear and Sport. All three lines exude Lacoste style and of course carry the Croc. Club is the more formal […]

Da-Nang Clothing & Pants = Transatlantic Maharishi?

Many fashionistas attribute the term Transatlantic Maharishi to the Da-Nang label and it’s not difficult to see where they’re coming from if it wasn’t for the fact that Da-Nang is a West Coast label based in California. That aside, the comparison between Da-Nang and Maharishi is inevitable; both labels produce High-Fashion casual-chic garments with an […]

Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers, A Japanese Sneakers Legend!

HISTORY In 1949, Kihachiro Onitsuka established Onitsuka Co. Ltd., the forerunner of ASICS, with the goal of promoting a sound and healthy Japanese youth through sports. At that time, Onitsuka was known as the first specialized maker of gym shoes in Japan. He regularly spoke directly to sportspeople and their coaches in order to develop […]

Take-Two jeans, thoroughbred Italian Denim Taketwo

More and more exclusive designer fashion stores are clocking onto one of Italy’s best kept denim secrets. Take-Two are a low-profile premium denim brand with all the innate style you’d expect from a thoroughbred Italian label. Although firmly entrenched in it’s Italian roots, Take-Two, paradocially, has a global spirit which is reflected in it’s recent […]

Fly London Shoes, Footwear for the Future!

FLY WHO? Targeted at the global fashion market, FLY London footwear is uncompromising in its styling and design. Born in 1994, from the very beginning FLY’s design philosophy has been to create original fashion shoes using traditional construction techniques in an unexpected way. The sole designs, constructions and uppers, help keep FLY at the forefront […]

Hudson Jeans – the Jeans with the jack on the back!

The jeans with the “Jack” are back – and back in a BIG way!!! After something of a sabbatical the innovative denim brand is building up to a fresh grand entrance onto the premium denim stage and every denim lover from London to Los Angeles is waiting with bated breath. Hudson Fine Tailored Jeans may […]

Fashion Industry too lazy, too ignorant and too disinterested in fair trade?

By Katharine Hamnett In the heady world of fashion, cotton is the most commonly used fabric and in agricultural terms accounts for 10% of world agriculture. So far so good – until you take on board that to turn these natural fibers into items of must-have clothing conventional cotton farmers use pesticides, herbicides and chemical […]

Converse Sneakers + Converse by John Varvatos

The Fall/Winter 2006 “Converse by John Varvatos” women’s collection is grounded in Converse’s 98 year old American heritage of first in sports and first in rock n’ roll. In keeping with the true spirit of the Converse brand, John Varvatos takes multi-generational influences, mixing sport, rock n’ roll and street, to create a unique personality […]

Gucci Clothes & Prada Clothes under a Chav Attack?

Are Gucci and Prada under a Chav attack? Is it possible that these two pre-eminent brands could suffer the same fate as Burberry? In a head-to-head, who would succumb to the Chavs first? As the Chav hordes look for new brands to pillage and plunder, all the major brands are looking over their shoulders nervously […]

LA Air Line & airbrushing shirts on the venice boardwalk

Watch out for the LA Air Line collection. Kitmeout is pleased to publish the following release:  1) the creative/directional team – this is the team of ku usa. ku is widely recognized in japan ad being the very first asian brand. we have seven free standing stores there, including a 4 storyflagship store in daikanyama. ku usa […]

Antik Denim – no Antique is Antik Denim Jeans!

Antik Denim may have a vintage quality but it certainly does not need any restoration. Antik Denim is a premium denim brand in the true sense of the phrase. The craftsmanship is of the very highest standard and the amazing hand-finished decorations are truly exquisite. Top that with exclusive Japanese and Italian denims and you […]

Umbro and Kim Jones Trainers & Clothes

Kim Jones is a British menswear designer, who graduated from Central St Martins and quickly developed a cult following for his fresh and innovative designs. Alongside his own collections, Kim Jones designs a range of innovative casual clothing and trainers for the high profile sportswear brand, Umbro. The Umbro and Kim Jones collaboration is widely […]

Dior Homme + Dior slim Jeans = YSL style epiphany!

Has Dior Homme gone all Millennium MOD and transformed itself into a rich man’s Henri Lloyd? Some fashionistas might argue the present designer route of Dior Homme would make their illustrious founder hit the roof if he was still on planet earth! Christian Dior (January 21, 1905 – October 24, 1957), was an influential French […]

Adidas Clothes Adidas T-Shirt – a welcome BIG BROTHER!

Just pulling on an Adidas T-shirt transports you to the past and future at the same time! As paradoxical as that sounds it has a ring of truth to it; wearing Adidas clothing has a reminiscent quality to it but at the same time the company has taken sportswear production and material compounds to an […]

Ice Cream Sneakers & Trainers – are they starting to melt?

Is the tasty Ice Cream Sneaker brand starting to melt? Everyone loves ice cream, whether the stuff you eat or the stuff you put on your feet. Pharrell and Nigo hit on a great concept a few years back and the complications between the guys and Reebok were a real pity for everyone concerned including […]

KU USA Clothing – KU Traditional Clothing from Japan

Kitmeout is privileged to receive the following KU Biography and Philosophy: The first KU collection was shown in the fall of 1991. At that time, workwear, urban street rap was all the rage. A very “f you” attitude. There were NO Asian brands or motiffs being used. At the time, Japanese buyers were always looking […]

Morphine Generation Clothes Morphine Generation T-Shirt

Take an item of clothing and transform it into a piece of contemporary art! That appears to be the Morphine Generation concept and the basis of their meteoric rise to fashion stardom. Some fashion commentators have mistakenly compared Morphine Generation to Buddhist Punk and I.C.R. Deth Killers. This comparison does a gross disservice to each […]

Rogan Jeans + Rogan Clothing = One to Watch in 2007!

The Rogan volcano is starting to rumble. People are talking about the low-profile brand and an air of excitement and expectation is starting to build. Many top fashionistas will tell us that Rogan Jeans are currently some of the best available in the world and the whole Rogan Clothing line is “poetry in cut and […]

Etienne Ozeki Jeans EO Clothes Etienne Ozeki Who?

Is Etienne Ozeki a real flesh and blood fashion designer? On the official Etienne Ozeki website it says: “Etienne Ozeki was born in Monbassa, Kenya, the son of a French mother and a Japanese father. He was a global traveler from an early age as his mother cultivated links throughout the world as a roving […]

Ted Baker Clothes Ted Baker Jeans who’s Ted Baker?

So who exactly is Ted Baker? Is Ted Baker a real flesh and blood fashion designer born and raised as Ted Baker? In fact, Ray Kelvin is the closest man to the brand name Ted Baker. Yes, Ted Baker is a brand name and not a flesh and blood fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, […]

Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus Clothes Sacrilegious Marketing

Elvis Jesus the glammed-up T-shirt line by Ringspun is causing something of a stir. You might mistakenly believe the stir is in the fashion-world for the bejeweled Tees studded with sparkles are certainly eye-catching. However, the real stir is in the religious-world; many Christians consider the irreverent designs no less than blaspheme and the depiction […]