PRPS Jeans – Japanese Denim with an African Twist

Prps is shorthand for ‘Purpose’ – the purpose of delivering the perfect denim product to the most discerning denim enthusiast. Street-style design from New York, an expert Japanese family-run mill and the softest organic African cotton all combine to forge the supplest fabric and most stylish product. Time-tested classic denim, military, utilitarian and western pieces […]

Massimo Osti vision behind CP Company, Stone Island and others

PRESS RELEASE Massimo Osti Studio is very sad to announce that its founder, Massimo Osti, passed away on Monday 6th June 2005. Our grief is for the loss of an unquestioned leader who, as Renzo Rosso (Diesel) described “has marked important moments that fashion will remember”. Creator of brand trademarks such as CP Company and […]

Gronk Clothing Made by the Captive for the Free

 Get ready for the latest in designer street wear, welcome to the world of Gronk. They chose to create what may arguably be the rawest and most emotive brand to hit the streets.They wanted to give people are real sense of freedom and a product that they could feel. The way they did this is […]

Thomas Gravesen Real Madrid Star face of Kudo

Footballer Thomas Gravesen is new face of Kudo – Young Danish fashion design company Kudo is continuing its use of famous and extraordinary people as models for its clothing range; its English branding agency Large Design has just returned from a photo shoot in Spain with Real Madrid footballer Thomas Gravesen. “As an advancing Danish […]

Beyonce Knowles – Bape and Evisu

 Beyonce Knowles, Destiny Child’s lead singer, actress, style queen and alround contemporary diva, has recently been seen sporting a number of japanese fashion brands. First she was seen sporting a pair of guys Evisu Jeans and most recently she was seen strutting her amazing stuff in a pair of Bape boots. It is an undeniable […]

Stone Island Clothing the end of an Era?

 For over a decade Stone Island clothing has been a “must have” piece of clothing for every lad who likes a drink with his mates and a scuffle on the terraces. The Stone Island masterminds positioned their brand so intelligently it gained a true cult following. Stone Island clothing, especially the well designed and tailored […]

Miss Sixty Jeans, A Brand with a Heart!

A truck load of respect and admiration should be delivered to the Miss Sixty brand! Hangtags for Humanity”, a not for profit agency, and Italian fashion brand Miss Sixty present the “Staying Alive Jean” to benefit the MTV Staying Alive Foundation (SAF). The “Staying Alive Jean,” sold exclusively at Miss Sixty stores nationwide, will champion […]

Jimmy Choo Shoes without Jimmy Choo?

 How has Jimmy Choo Shoes fared since the departure of Jimmy Choo OBE? Has the Jimmy Choo brand lost some of its mystique and gravitas? Was it ever possible to take Jimmy Choo the man out of the Brand and still expect it to thrive with such dynamism and creativity? Perhaps the definitive answers to […]

Stella McCartney and Adidas Collaboration

Are designer colloborations a marketing gimmick fostered by “common-place” brands running out of ideas and credibility? The number of designer colloborations has increased exponentially over the past year or so, particularly in the footwear industry, and the main emphasise appears to be for the “common-place” brands to hook up with a respected designer or fashion […]

Tsubi – Hot Air or Substance?

A number of learned fashionistas amongst us have highlighted the not too unreasonable similarities between Tsubi and Bape. Many are questioning whether there’s a new “fashion” phenomenon at play. The premise maintains that traditional fashion created around tailoring and design has been replaced by psuedo-fashion built upon a foundation of hype-and-tease. The days of go […]

BAPE Clothing – A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is it just Hype or is it truly a cultural phenomenon? Is the founder of A Bathing Ape, Nigo, an artistic genious or a shrewd businessman with a propensity for marketing and tapping into the vast expendable income of the world’s youth? Perhaps a question still in the balance! Regardless, no […]

Edun Jeans by Bono

U2 frontman Bono, wife Ali Hewson and designer Rogan launch a new ethical clothing line Edun. Edun apparent stands for Nude backwards? Their mission is to build a brand that produces desirable and wearable clothing and provides employment in the developing world. Of course it’s very easy to be cynical of their motives. Is their mission truly […]

Kim Basinger – New Face of Prada

Kim Basinger, was a fine attress in her day. However, I have to say she doesn’t exactly exude the Prada image in my humble opinion. Prada has a tradition built on elegant style and refinement, qualities not immediately associated with Kim Basinger. Kim Basinger comes across more as a pretty tom-boy, almost “one of the […]

KITMEOUT Free Fashion Auction

KITMEOUT – a network of professional fashion journalists dedicated to providing up to date fashion news and reviews from around the world, announces the launch of the Kitmeout Fashion Auction. KITMEOUT is a FREE online fashion auction. Kitmeout is free to both individuals and companies. Kitmeout enables Registered Users to buy, sell and swap clothes, […]


Burberry may have dumped Kate Moss over her alleged cocaine use but that’s like throwing a bucket of water over a blazing inferno. Burberry’s slide from the pinnacles of fashion goes much further back. It starts with marketing their products, mainly caps, scarves and knitwear, at non-traditional customers. Once Burberry became part of the hooligan […]

Evisu Trainers

    Haven’t seen the Converse-like Evisu trainers before. They look quite cool. I bought these Evisu Puma Trainers last year.

Evisu Saville Row

Is it true that you can actually watch the Evisu tailors at work – making the Evisu Deluxe range (formal / dress shirts, suits etc) at their 9 Saville Row boutique?


modern life is about variety. let’s face it. there has never been a time in history when we have had more options and opportunities everyday. people who choose KOhZO not only know this – they celebrate it. the men and women who wear KOhZO DENIM are passionate about life. you select clothes that allow you […]

Puma & McQueen

PUMA® announces today a collaborative partnership with fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. The new line of men’s and women’s footwear created by PUMA and Alexander McQueen will launch in Spring 2006. Known for his innovative approach to fashion, Alexander McQueen is an established luxury brand with a strong international following. His ability to push boundaries and […]

Jhung Yuro Trainers

JHUNG YURO BRAND BUILDING SOLID FOUNDATION WITH EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTION AND WIDELY ANTICIPATED SPRING 2006 COLLECTION  EUROPE WELCOMES LUXURY FOOTWEAR BRAND JHUNG YURO Philadelphia , PA ( January 1, 2006) – KKB Holdings, Inc. introduces a new partner in their men’s luxury footwear brand, Jhung Yuro. The website, will be the exclusive online retailer for […]

Red Monkey Jeans by Red Monkey Company

RED MONKEY JEANS MARTIN KSOHOH CREATOR AND FOUNDER OF “RMC”   Martin Ksohoh of the exclusive ONE DOUBLE “O” ONE shops on the Kowloon Island of Hong Kong is the man behind the amazing Red Monkey Jeans brand. The brand concept was born of Japanses influence, constructed of specially modified colored cotton, woven into selveage […]

Levi unveils iPod playing jeans

The latest must-have for fashion conscious gadget lovers has been unveiled – a pair of jeans that can control an iPod. Levi Strauss’ RedWire DLX Jeans will have an iPod remote control and docking station fitted in their pockets, and will come with attached headphones.The jeans are due out in August, and should cost about […]


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