BAPE clothing to Black Label

BAPE clothing grows up? A Bathing Ape, the Japanese brand known internationally for its flambouyant camo and child-like characterisations, has released a new line called “Black Label” which is reputedly a collection of black and other one-shade clothing. Whether this is a transition to a more mature and discerning customer-base is yet to be seen, […]

CLH Clothing, BAPE or not to BAPE, that is the question?

Creating Limitless Heights, BAPE or not to BAPE, that is the question? So the question remains, is CLH a BAPE rip-off or just some kind of BBC, Artful Dodger, LRG hybrid that morphs into a commercial frankenstein? This is the official blurb: “CLH introduces the infinite possibilities of creating and styling the masses; we stand […]

Bape Hoody or Bape Parka ?

Has the Bape Hoody lost its teeth. The bape shark hoody is perhaps the best known bape standard and now this piece of fashion history is being superseded by a garment with a softer side, welcome to the Bape Fish Parka and the also the Aloha Resort Camo Parka; it looks like the “parka” bent […]

Fendi Clothing promoted by Nigo

In an attempt to garnish some unfamiliar street credibility, Fendi hosted a hip-hop party in Tokyo, with Bape’s Fashion Guru Nigo as host, while Karl Lagerfeld stayed in the background. Interestingly, both Nigo and Lagerfeld are not that polarised when it comes to fashion; deep down they’re both serious “bling” merchants — so they’ll probably […]

Bapesta Sneakers mutate into Roadsta Sneakers

So Bapesta Sneakers finally takes the plunge and ventures from the cozie world of the AF1s and embraces a new concept predictably called, Roadsta. Roadsta sneakers have a more athletic feel to the design and will be available to Bapeheads in early 2007. Whether the gel heel is for practical purposes or show is yet […]

Bape Hoody + Bape Shark Hoodie = Bapexclusive

Bape boys throughout Japan, if not the world, where ejaculating with excitement as A Bathing Ape released the OG shark Hoodie to the masses. The queue at Bapexlusive in Aoyoma, Tokyo apparent reached as far as the eye could see. Bape is truly a modern-day fashion phenomenon!

A Bathing Ape + Babies “R” Us Collaboration?

Has A Bathing Ape finally lost all credibility in the Fashion Arena? Bape madness now extends to fluffy toys which is perhaps more indicative of a Babies “R” Us Collaboration than the hallmark of a serious urban fashion brand. The nutty Bape train pulled into “sell-out” central years ago but this development has to be […]

Apee Clothing by Ape Clothing — chauvinistic?

It’s official at last, A Bathing Ape is not misogynistic!! For sometime now the fashion community have been trying to establish why Nigo and his Bathing Ape brand have generally neglected the fairer sex. As we know, Bape menswear is a true fashion phenomenon but comparatively speaking Bape womenswear, or Apee, was seen as non-existent and […]

Bape T-Shirt + Bape Tee = Online Barrow Boys!

The amount of bent Bape online is perhaps epitmosed by the extraordinary number of hooky Bape T-Shirts available at a click of a button. Fape Tees have simply swamped the net with an increasing number of bent merchants “online barrow-boys” trying their arm at selling Fape. What’s even more incredible is these bent merchants really […]

Kaws BAPE & Kaws BAPESTA, Urban High-Culture

The Kaws x Bape and Kaws x Bapesta collaborations have tapped into a neglected sub-culture with phenomenal success. Dedicated Bape aficionados and punters in general have been snapping up the Kaws x Bape Hoodies, Tees, Jackets, Sweats and Accessories, not to mention the Kaws Bapesta Sneakers, as fast as they can be produced! Kaws, real […]

Baby Milo Clothing by BAPE a grand experiment?

BAPE has spawned a great deal of debate and heated rhetoric over the past few years. The limited availability and excessive prices have caused enthusiasm and indignation in equal measure. Despite that, there’s one division within the BAPE empire which seems to confused the fashion industry unanimously: Baby Milo! The question often arises, what possesses […]

Bape Sneakers – Fake Bapesta Sneakers killing the brand?

One of the most counterfeited contemporary brands is surely BAPE. BAPE, short for A Bathing Ape and brainchild of Fashion-Guru, DJ Nigo, is sold through exclusive retail outlets at exorbitant prices — at least the authentic BAPE, or Bapesta, Sneakers are. These days, however, it seems you can buy a truck load of snide BAPE sneakers online […]

BAPE Clothing – A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is it just Hype or is it truly a cultural phenomenon? Is the founder of A Bathing Ape, Nigo, an artistic genious or a shrewd businessman with a propensity for marketing and tapping into the vast expendable income of the world’s youth? Perhaps a question still in the balance! Regardless, no […]