An Englishman in New York – Ben Sherman


No Doubt it’s something of a cliche and I’m sure Sting (The PoliceFrontMan) would have a chuckle at the title. Neverthless, worth a butchers. British label Ben Sherman tracked down exemplary specimens of their fellow countrymen scattered around New York, of which have been collected and presented here in a short film. Another thought, what […]

Ben Sherman Gets Nicked in New York

During the course of New York Fashion Week, Ben Sherman’s Soho store set up an elaborate Shop Load of Shirts display outside their store that left shirts out in the open and ready for the taking. For the questionable people who decided to steal a shirt, Ben Sherman set up a camera to catch the […]

Ben Sherman Shoes Back

Shortly after announcing the discontinuation of its footwear, Ben Sherman has announced it will remain in the category with a new licensing partner: London-based Hudson Shoes. “Since deciding to cease our in-house footwear business, we have had strong interest from most of the key players in the footwear sector to take the Ben Sherman footwear […]

Ben Sherman Shoes & Trainers NO MORE

Ben Sherman, the original British MOD brand, will no longer produce footwear. A statement issued Friday said the company plans to leave the shoe, kids’ and youth sectors by the end of 2009 to concentrate on men’s and women’s apparel instead. “Together with many other leading companies in the U.K. fashion sector, we are experiencing […]

Ben Sherman 2008

“In 1963, Ben Sherman began producing his iconic shirts in Brighton, England. During the 70s, 80s and 90s the Ben Sherman button-down check shirt became the ultimate cultural icon through its adoration and adoption by Punk, Mod and Britpop movements. Today, Ben Sherman has evolved from its 60s shirt focus and now presents a complete […]

Ben Sherman Clothing + Gibson Guitar = Iconic!

Great British icon, Ben Sherman and Gibson Guitar the world’s greatest guitar company, are working in association for summer 2007.  Both Ben Sherman and Gibson Guitar will collaborate to create money-can’t-buy rock experiences by creating bespoke Gibson guitars for iconic musicians plus staging secret gigs at various locations. Keep your eyes peeled for these events and […]

Ben Sherman + Evisu Jeans

Bestford Ltd., owner of the Evisu, is to take control of distribution in the USA and Canada. Ben Sherman had been responsible for Evisu’s distribution for the last five years. According to a statement released by Bestford, the two companies agreed to an early handover of distribution rights. Sherman’s contract was scheduled to expire at […]

Ben Sherman Clothing + Ben Sherman Shoes = SKA!

Ben Sherman’s current campaign imagery includes a snapshot of Ben Sherman’s edgiest clothing portfolio ever. The imagery is shot to reflect the iconic TWO TONE look capturing the attitude and atmosphere of the SKA phenomenon that inspired the collections for S/S 2006. Ben Sherman is also celebrating their unparalleled success in scooping 3 UK Fashion […]

Ben Sherman Shirt Ben Sherman Clothes Bridge it!

Ben Sherman is one of those truly rare brands that somehow manages to bridge the unbridgeable gap between youth-culture and middle age high-culture. Ben Sherman has the enviable quality of appealing to a full and varied spectrum of customers. Ben Sherman goes right back to the 1950′s, but Ben Sherman really hit the fashion world […]