Counterfeit Clothing


There have been a long list on conversations on the Kitmeout forum concerning counterfeit clothing. Here’s one, take a butchers: “what’s your view on counterfeiting. i have read some posts here that say you were the owner of ed hardy so you must hate fakes with a passion.” Read More

Parallel Imports – a controversial discussion…


Parallel Imports – a protracted discussion. One of the most extensive threads on the Kitmeout forum is surrounding the controversial topic of parallel imports. It starts with: “anyone got any tips on how to parallel import? is there a list of companies in europe that offer parallel imports? do they deliver or do you have […]

Counterfeit Clothing = Terrorism

Following Kitmeout’s report that fake clothing is supporting terrorism in 2006:, Reuters have issued the following update: “NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York City, long a place where counterfeit watches and fake designer handbags are sold on street corners, is unveiling an ad campaign warning consumers of the human cost of indulging in knockoffs. […]