Boss Orange – A Classic by Hugo Boss


Boss Orange is a classic that has attracted chatter on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum – Take a butchers here BOSS Orange is HUGO BOSS casual wear line and stands for a light hearted, easygoing attitude. The casual collections are characterized by urban influences and are aimed at men and women who emphasize their own individual […]

Oldest Jeans from Hugo Boss


Take a butchers at these Hugo Boss Jeans made in 1986. The questions posited on the Kitmeout forum whether these are the oldest Hugo Boss Jeans in existence. Can’t be many pairs of Hugo Boss jeans left that are over a quarter of a century. Probably worth putting in the Hugo Boss museum …. and […]

Hugo Boss apology for Nazi past


Hugo Boss apology for Nazi past as book is published The German fashion firm Hugo Boss has apologised for its maltreatment of forced workers during World War II when it supplied the Nazis with uniforms. “It is clear that Hugo F Boss did not only join the party because it led to contracts for uniform […]

Hugo Boss Cufflinks

Hugo Boss Cufflinks

Hugo Boss probably make the best cufflinks out of all the leading fashion brands. These Hugo Boss navy blue logo cufflinks are worth a butchers. Hugo Boss camilo rectangular, navy blue and silver cufflinks. Navy blue with silver embossed signature logo. 95% brass 5% enamel. BUY HERE

Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom for Hugo Boss


Boss Orange has revealed a campaign featuring its brand ambassadors Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom, to promote a charity their support of Unicef to aid the development of schools in Madagascar. Bruno Maes, Unicef Madagascar resident representative, said: “At Unicef, we believe that a good start in life is the basis for securing the rights […]

Knut Brokelmann, Regional Director, Hugo Boss – Interview SS12

Knut Brokelmann, Regional Director, Hugo Boss - Interview SS12

Hugo Boss founded his first clothing factory in Germany in 1923. He initially manufactured workwear. In 1953 in produced his first suits. Today Hugo Boss is known worldwide as a top end fashion designer. Hugo Boss is known to have founded a clothing factory in Germany in 1923. Though initially worker’s clothes were made, in […]

Hugo Boss – Tailored Line

TAILORED LINE represents the pinnacle of the successful premium menswear line BOSS Selection. Building on the rich sartorial heritage of HUGO BOSS, the collection takes superlative tailoring to a new, transcendent level. Contemporary design is paired with time-honored workmanship and personal service to create an inimitably modern form of luxury – made in Germany. The […]

Hugo Boss – Brand Profiles

Concerning talk on Kitmeout about the different Hugo Boss Labels, the following are the official HUGO BOSS Brand Profiles. HUGO BOSS is represented in the fashion market by the BOSS and HUGO brands. These brand collections and their fashion lines are aimed at various target groups, creating a brand world of extraordinary fashion diversity at […]

Hugo Boss – HUGO 2008 Collection

Since mid-2007 the Belgian designer Bruno Pieters has been the Art Director for HUGO, the avant-garde line from HUGO BOSS. Pieters’ first collection will be presented in January 2008 and available in stores worldwide from July onwards.

Hugo Boss + Fanta 4

“Even the forever-young members of the Fantastischen 4, also known as Fanta 4, are getting older. All four are now pushing 40, and Stern magazine describes them as the “fathers” of German hip-hop. Maybe that’s why their new album “Fornika”, which is swiftly scaling Germany’s charts, is dedicated to growing older and growing wiser – […]