Katharine Hamnett’s original CHOOSE LIFE t-shirts

Wham George Michael - Choose Life T-Shirt

Katharine Hamnett’s original CHOOSE LIFE t-shirt brought her worldwide fame. It was her biggest seller in the eighties and now it’s back and available in 100% organic cotton. CHOOSE LIFE first appeared in a Buddhist exhibition that Lynne Franks, of Ab Fab fame, hosted. The CHOOSE LIFE t-shirt embodies an all-encompassing statement about ideal behaviour. […]

Katharine Hamnett + The Big Issue, Fighting for the Future!

The Big Issue has teamed up with fashion designer and campaigner Katharine Hamnett to produce an Alternative Energy Review lambasting the government’s road to nuclear energy and highlighting the NEW ENERGY REVOLUTION, the synergy of renewables, energy efficiency and green transport. The Big Issue Alternative Energy Review – including contributions from a wide range of […]