Maharishi Clothing, “Into the light: Survival 2012″


“Into the light: Survival 2012″ maharishi presents the latest arrivals from our autumn winter collection. We are always happy to give Hardy a shout on Kitmeout. The brand is top drawer. Stop by their Great Pulteney Street shop up west and take a butchers. Hardy Blechman is the founder, creative director and head designer of […]

Maharishi Clothing x Wu-Tang

Here the mighty Wu-Tang perform and RZA wears Maharishi Lightning God embroidered Snopants & T-shirt. Maharishi is one of those extraordinary brands which polarises the fashion scene. It’s a  little known fact that Kitmeout was the first website to offer Maharishi online back in 2000 via the NIRO MK store. On the Wu-Tang front, rumour […]