Marc Jacobs – the physical transformation


Questions have been bouncing around on the kitmeout forum for years regarding Marc Jacobs physical transformation. Take a butchers here. The question is whether it’s photoshop & photography or something more: “Retouched quite a bit, all the pores and unwanted hairs are removed just to mention something. Also, direct flash is avoided by most to […]

Heterophobia – addressing a controversial mannequin


Does the dominance of gay fashion designers suggest an endemic heterophobic propensity by the fashion illuminati which is manifest in its most insidious form by the pervasive tendency to corrupt the female body image by persisting with anorexic “de-feminised” models as a paradigm of perfection ultimately undermining the male/female synergy? … or perhaps the fashion […]

Happy holidays from the Marc Jacobs family!


Might as well leave the congrats to a fashion designer and his “family”. Happy New Year! Take a butchers – if you’re bored. Happy holidays from the Marc Jacobs family!

Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy for Dior

Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy for Dior

With rumors about Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy leaving Louis Vuitton for Dior, Duffy gave a nod and a wink: “Marc definitely learned his craft and become an amazing technician. He could do a couture line.” On a side note, Jacobs credits Duffy with saving him from drug addiction. “On a personal level, Robert probably […]

Marc Jacobs to Dior? Galliano for Louis Vuitton…

Marc Jacobs to Dior? Galliano for Louis Vuitton...

According to sources close to WWD, Dior is in talks with Marc Jacobs about becoming the new couturier of the French house. Dior has been without a creative leader since the loss of John Galliano in the wake of allegations of racism. Such a move would unseat Jacobs from Louis Vuitton, the cash-cow brand at […]

Marc Jacobs S/S 2011

Marc Jacobs S/S 2011 from Kalvin Lazarte on Vimeo. Play Nice made this film for Marc Jacobs at the beautiful James Hotel in New York City to introduce the Marc Jacobs’ 2011 Spring/Summer lines. Check it out.

Marc Jacobs gets naked to sell BANG!

How Marc Jacobs Came to Strip Down and Grease Up to Sell Bang! “Robert and I work closely with Coty on these projects, and he said, ‘Marc, you look so great now — you should be the model for men’s fragrance.’ My immediate reaction was, I don’t know. But then I came to see that […]

bicycle cap by peSeta for Marc Jacobs

These bicycle caps are part of our forth collaboration with the Marc Jacobs since 2008. A larger series of plain bike caps in seven sober-but-not-boring colors. The label is a classic plastic “spoke card” designed with respect for all the bikers in the world. As the rest of these collaborations, these 2010 caps were designed […]

Marc Jacobs sues Christian Audigier

Marc Jacobs is the quintessential no-nonsense fashion designers and this is further substantiated by his decision to wrap Christian Audigier in a legal guillotine choke. Audigier’s Nervous Tattoo, Inc is being sued by Marc Jacob’s for trademark infringement over a purse design. You just have to admire Marc’s balls! So the big question is, who […]

Marc Jacobs bag x peSeta

finally, the ukelele bag, our latest collaboration with Marc Jacobs, can be seen at his website and has arrived to the U.S., London and Paris boutiques… This is the third exclusive series we’ve had the pleasure to design especially for Marc Jacobs. In Spring 2008 we did the bolsaco totebag and in Fall 2008 it […]

Marc Jacobs – Hall of Fame, FiFi Awards

The Downtown Armory was the setting Wednesday evening for the 37th annual Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards. The winners list is as follows: Fragrance of the Year — Women’s Luxe: Harajuku Lovers Fragrances — Love, Lil’Angel, Music, Baby, “G” — Coty Prestige Fragrance of the Year — Men’s Luxe: I Am King — Sean John — […]

Marc Jacobs to Wed

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone are engaged. The designer and his ad executive boyfriend, who have been together for about a year, will go public with the news beginning Thursday, when they arrive in Brazil wearing rings. The couple is headed to Martone’s native Sao Paolo for a fete celebrating the Marc Jacobs multibrand store […]

Marc Jacobs x Peseta Collaboration

Marc Jacobs x Peseta Collaboration. This second collaboration was just released and it´s the first time Peseta have repeated a joint venture with another brand. The passport case was made thinking about people travelling all around the world but also living the city day-to-day. Any passport from any country can fit in, as well as […]

Marc Jacobs – Designer of the Year!

Manic Marc Jacobs, the man of the blue rinse, won the “Designer of the Year” award at the 11th Annual ACE Awards in New York. No matter what people think of the man, he is a true fashion icon and a credit to his trade if not, regrettably, to the rest of the world. Marc Jacobs […]

Marc Jacobs T-Shirt + Owen Marvel

WWD NEWS: “Flesh will be the theme at Marc by Marc Jacobs this weekend. The men’s store at 382 Bleecker Street in Manhattan will feature unclothed staffers Andrew Weyer, Kyle Avila, Chico Clark and Owen Marvel signing and selling T-shirts of themselves to benefit the New York University School of Medicine, Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group. […]