Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans + Hottest Car!

Papoose is widely considered the brightest rising Hip-Hop Star on the scene today and is famous for injecting Red Monkey Company Jeans into his lyrics. The man is seen here with a trophy for the hottest car of the year! Ultra rare Red Monkey Jeans are a true fashion phenomenon and have a reputation for being the ultimate denim […]

Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans = Hot Combination!

These are some of the rarest Red Monkey Jeans on the planet. Not only are they original but they are signed by the fashion guru Tony “T-Bone” Magnetic himself. These Red Monkey jeans are destined for one of the world’s hottest new Hip Hop stars, Papoose! Thanks to Togged! Bottom line, Papoose is the hottest […]