KATO Jeans


KATO Jeans from the horse’s mouth. Take a butchers: Are kato jeans worth the high price? seen some online but not seen them for real yet. “simple answer is YES….. but then I work with them!! the price is sadly high due to the nature of the production and the cost on import, the short […]

PRPS Jeans by Donwan Harrell

PRPS Jeans

As some of you may or may not know, Donwan Harrell is the Head Designer/Creative Director at PRPS since the company was founded. We put together a special video exclusively for you, to show how PRPS started and also bring to light an inspiring story of a creative genius with a dream and the sacrifice […]

PRPS Jeans – African cotton, Japanese denim?

A product with purpose – African cotton, Japanese denim At Prps, authenticity is our first priority. Each item in the collection is conceived with a specific purpose and function in mind. Before fashion, Prps is designed to be worn and utilized. Prps uses African cotton combined with expert Japanese construction to create what we believe […]

RMC Jeans – Yes We Can!

RMC Red Monkey one of the most sought out premium denim brand. It would be hard to find a better denim, and a better core material, or core denim philosophy anywhere else in the world. Martin KSOHOH founder of RMC (and YOROPIKO) is actually a denim master and the king of denim art, Tailor made […]

PRPS Jeans + Zimbabwean Cotton

There has been much talk on Kitmeout recently about the questionable nature of Zimbabwean cotton and whether the fashion indistry should be supporting the country’s corrupt government by using Zimbabwean cotton to produce contemporary denim brands. PRPS is perhaps one of the most high profile brands using Zimbabwean cotton to produce its denimwear. Should brands […]

David Beckham + PRPS Jeans

So what’s the rub with David Beckham and PRPS jeans? Beckham seems to live in his treasured PRPS jeans lately. Why? If you’ve got the answer tell the rest of us. There are three immediate answers which come to mind: 1) David Beckham loves PRPS jeans. 2) David Beckham has an advertsing contract 3) David […]

Jhung Yuro Shoes + PRPS Jeans = Perfect Match!

Jhung Yuro, the ultimate luxury lifestyle footwear brand, has collaborated with PRPS to create this limited edition Hiker Low. The Jhung Yuro Hiker Low is a popular style and is available at http://www.kitmeout.com/shop/jhungyuro-Jhung_Yuro.html. The Hiker Low utilizes the  premium materials and construction of Jhung Yuro and for this exclusive edition uses denim from PRPS to […]

PRPS Jeans – Japanese Denim with an African Twist

Prps is shorthand for ‘Purpose’ – the purpose of delivering the perfect denim product to the most discerning denim enthusiast. Street-style design from New York, an expert Japanese family-run mill and the softest organic African cotton all combine to forge the supplest fabric and most stylish product. Time-tested classic denim, military, utilitarian and western pieces […]