RMC Martin Ksohoh & MKWS new T-Shirt Collections

Red Monkey & MKWS new T-Shirt Collections

Here’s a sneak peek at the Red Monkey Company & MKWS new T-Shirt Collections. The new styles include a “Pray for Japan” Special Charitable edition.

Red Monkey Company gold IPHONE 3 case

RMC Martin Ksohoh, Red Monkey Company Limited Edition gold IPHONE 3 case. RMC Martin Ksohoh Red Monkey Company Limited Edition, gold covered aluminium IPHONE 3 case. Signature logo and tsunami wave on gold background. Felted inner lined. Available on Amazon Here

Red Monkey Company Competition

Martin Ksohoh of RMC Red Monkey Company is videod signing the T-Shirt being offered in the official Red Monkey Competition: http://red-monkey.rmcjeans.co.uk/official-competition/