Stella McCartney x Queen’s Guards’ Hats

Will the Queen’s Guards Wear Stella McCartney? One of the most iconic images in the UK is on the verge of possibly getting an overhaul—at the hands of Stella McCartney, no less. According to reports, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is meeting with Peter Luff, the UK’s minister for defense equipment, to […]

Stella McCartney Bambi Campaign

Stella McCartney passion for animal welfare appears to be the force behind her Bambi-inspired ad campaign for autumn. The campaign, shot by Ryan McGinley in the woods of Worcestershire, England, features cinema’s most famous deer and his pals Thumper, Friend Owl, Flower the skunk — and assorted butterflies and bluebirds. “I’m a huge Bambi fan, […]

Stella McCartney dines with Dad

Sir Paul McCartney offered a recipe for vegetarian living in London Monday. The former Beatle and his designer daughter Stella hosted a luncheon at a restaurant in St. James’ Park, to support “Meat Free Monday,” their initiative to encourage Brits to down their steak knives in favor of vegetarian options at least one day a […]

Stella McCartney Tote for Charity

Stella McCartney has teamed up with shopping charity Buy Once Give Twice. McCartney has donated A Whatever It Takes Book Tote featuring artwork that represents a ‘Symbol of Hope’ with her signature on the bag. This bag is exclusive in the UK to BuyOnceGiveTwice and comes with a letter of authenticity. BuyOnceGiveTwice is a network […]

Stella McCartney Designer of the Year

The annual British Fashion Awards at Lawrence Hall, handed Stella McCartney Designer of the Year award; only the fifth time a women has taken the award in 20 years! Vivienne Westwood recieved the Outstanding Achievement Award and Anya Hindmarch took the award for Best Designer Brand. Not surprisingly, Marc Jacobs store was awarded Best Retail […]

Stella McCartney Anti Fur Fashion

Stella McCartney is to launch a virtual antifur protest. On July 12, the designer and PETA will co-host an online event on a specially created island in the virtual world. Visitors to the island  will be able to show their support for PETA in virtual terms. All visitors will receive a selection of antifur accessories for their […]

Stella McCartney and Adidas Collaboration

Are designer colloborations a marketing gimmick fostered by “common-place” brands running out of ideas and credibility? The number of designer colloborations has increased exponentially over the past year or so, particularly in the footwear industry, and the main emphasise appears to be for the “common-place” brands to hook up with a respected designer or fashion […]