True Religion jeans by Jeff Lubell

How True Religion jeans got started To build his brand, founder Jeff Lubell gave pairs of his True Religion jeans away. My dad was in the clothing business and moved to L.A. with a New York apparel company when I was 20. I asked if I could work for him. He said, “Why don’t you […]

True Religion Jeans, Sacreligious?

There’s recently been some debate as to whether the term “True Religion” for a fashion brand is at best disrepectful and possibly even sacreligious? Perhaps the real question is, could denim possibly be a true religion; there are undoubtedly millions of worships across the planet who kneel at the altar of the multi-head demi-god of […]

True Religion Jeans + True Religion Menswear?

Following on from an interesting question on the forum, can Californian premium denim brands like True Religion and Joe’s Jeans break into the European menswear market in a meaningful way or will these brands remain the exclusive domain of the fairer sex? Founded in 2002, True Religion Brand Jeans is a Los Angeles based premium […]

True Religion Jeans is it Blaspheme or True Religion

There’s a growing trend amongst fashion companies to attempt to apply depth and mystique to their brand by introducing religious or philosophical elements. There’s Edun, Theory, Coexist, Mecca, Gsus, Buddhist Punk and True Religion to name but a few. Do these companies opt for the psuedo religious or philosophical connotations because there’s a growing spiritual […]