RMC Jeans – 12th Anniversary


RMC, the ultimate denim experience, celebrates 12 years on the fashion scene. Take a butchers at the best online selection at rmcjeans.com Japan’s precious cultural heritage – Ukiyo-e (literally meaning “depicting life”) – has been the main source of RMC’s sources of inspiration, with previous series leveraging precious Japanese national treasures such as ancient Kabuki […]

Yoropiko Jeans – Star Wars Denim


If you’re looking for something exclusive these Yoropiko Star Wars Jeans are worth a butchers. Available at Togged. Save £120 notes! Here’s chatter about Yoropiko on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum

Yoropiko Jeans – 30% OFF for Cyber Monday 2013


Today only Cyber Monday Flash Sale, 30% OFF the www.rmcjeans.com website. Brands include RMC, MKWS and Yoropiko. Take a butchers at these Jay-Z Limited Edition Yoropiko Jeans now ONLY 209.99 quid or these Santastic Black Sakura Jeans now a Santastic 335.99 quid.

Bandanna Print Collection


Take a butchers at the Autumn/Winter 2013 RMC Martin Ksohoh traditional Bandanna Print Collection. The Bandanna print short-sleeve shirt and shorts have a design more commonly seen on a bandanna. Take it, Twisted it, Get funked!

MKWS Hooded Jacket & Shorts


For Autumn/Winter 2013 take a butchers at this MKWS “Survivor Game” (Tiger Camo) Hooded Jacket & Shorts Combo. Blinding!

Jeans Buttons for the discerning


As most denim connoisseurs are aware, Yoropiko has an exclusive price point. This is partially due to subtle little features like gold buttons encrusted with precious stones. Take a butchers: YOROPIKO, Japanese word, means “teach me more, please!” A luxurious label developed in 2007 by Martin Yat Ming, the designer of RMC Martin Ksohoh. On […]

May7ven in Yoropikos

May7ven slips into a pair of men’s Yoropiko Hungry Dragon jeans for her latest hit, Hands Up. Anyone up for it?

Dizzee Rascal + Yoropiko Jeans

Dizzee Rascal rocks Yoropiko’s Hungry Dragon jeans on stage at the Astoria.

SAS + Yoropiko Jeans

S.A.S. (Streets All Salute) brothers Mega and Mayhem wear Yoropiko on their new CD cover. The UK Dip movement was directly spearheaded by the two North London brothers and, according to them, was entirely funded from their own pockets as well. And as the North American Diplomat’s home city is engulfed in clouds of controversy, […]

Dizzee Rascal wearing Yoropiko Jeans

Top UK Hip Hop Artist, Dizzee Rascal is pictured here wearing Yoropiko Limited Edition jeans in Sweden at the opening of the uppsaala concert hall. Dizzee Racal has been Nominated for 4 Awards at this year’s MOBOs, including Best UK Male.

Yoropiko Jeans, online – Martin Yatming x Santastic

Limited number of super exclusive Yoropiko Jeans available online at Togged. This is the spec: “Yoropiko Martin Yatming x Santastic Limited Edition collaboration, genuine and authentic, Pink Sakura, dark indigo vintage cut raw selvedge denim jeans Genuine Yoropiko Martin Yatming X Santastic Limited Edition, dark indigo raw denim jeans Super exclusive original Saru design by […]

Yoropiko Jeans = Rare Denim

Here’s a quick shot of the Yoropiko Jeans collection colourways. This collection is ultra-limited and the attention to detail and embroidery is simply unheard of in the denim world. These jeans are true collectors items.

Yoropiko Jeans + Bejewelled Buttons

Yoropiko Jeans take “attention-to-detail” to the next level. Yoropiko jeans come with gold buttons as standard. For a little extra you can buy a set of additional gem stone buttons for these unique jeans, which you can even use as cufflinks! The gems offerred vary from rubies to diamonds. Each set has 5 buttons and […]